"Practical Workshop on Analysis of the Scope of Enterprise Core Patent Protection" was successfully held in Guangzhou

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September 21, 2023, byGuangdong electronic Information Industry AssociationSponsored by Extraordinary Intellectual Property, PCI Jiadu Future community supported the "Enterprise Core Patent Protection Scope Analysis Practice Workshop" successfully held in Guangzhou。

More than 20 IPR and R&D personnel from Foshan Shunde Apollo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD., Kangfang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Guangdong Maisi Scientific Instrument Innovation Research Institute, Guangzhou Huatu Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the workshop。

Activity site

This workshop adopts the way of "speaking + practicing + evaluating" to get rid of the traditional training mode, and the rhythm is more flexible, the form is more diverse, and the teaching practice is more in-depth。Mr. Li Zhizhong, general manager of the Second Patent Division of Transcendental Intellectual Property Service Co., LTD., gave a lecture on site as the main lecturer to share cases and teach methods;Teacher Chan Cheuki served as a teaching assistant to assist students in practical exercises。

Guangdong electronic Information Industry Association

Vice Minister of Industrial Cooperation

Deng Youlian delivered a speech

With 23 years of experience in intellectual property, 13 years of experience in patent agency service, and 10 years of experience in enterprise patent management, Mr. Li Zhizhong gives lectures on the following aspects。Discussion and co-creation with students, full of dry goods knowledge and practical experience sharing。

Case sharing: The impact of low-quality patents on business operations

Case sharing: The value of high-value patents to business operations

For innovative products, the construction of patent moat process and method of three rules&四法

For innovative products, the process and method of building a patent moat six steps


In the practice exercise, "defensive expansion exercise based on the original invention concept" and "interpretation exercise of the scope of protection of independent claims" were carried out in the way of sub-group exercise and in-depth guidance from teachers.。Transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills that can be used in practice;Teachers on-site in-depth counseling, to solve the problem of learning can not learn, forget after learning。The atmosphere was lively, and the team members actively discussed and shared the results。

At the end of the event, the on-site students actively asked questions, shared views and gains, and awarded the completion certificate for everyone。