Intellectual property innovation drive and application ability improvement training activities and 2023 professional title evaluation promotion successfully held

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On the morning of September 13, it was guided by Guangzhou Market Supervision Administration (Intellectual Property Office), organized by Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center and Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, and hosted by Guangzhou Aoke Information Consulting Co., LTD"Intellectual Property Innovation Drive and Application ability Improvement Training Activities and 2023 professional title evaluation Promotion"Successfully hold。

Deng Youlian, Vice Minister of Industrial cooperation Department of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, delivered a speech first,The main work modules and development vision of the electronic information industry Association are introduced in detail,It is also suggested that the advantages of the association and the role of the expert committee will be given full play,Continue to build perfect, distinctive brand services,Help to become the most influential and credible industry association in the industry field。

In order to improve the enterprise's understanding and mastery of the security use of big data, further enhance the ability and competitiveness of enterprises in intellectual property protection。Zhang Yixuan, senior consultant at Guangzhou Aoke Information Consulting Co., LTD., brings "The safe use of intellectual property big data,Help enterprises to develop high-quality "theme sharing,Use a lot of detailed data and rich cases,It explains how to obtain intellectual property big data safely, how to make reasonable use of intellectual property big data, and the process of Aoke's deep cultivation in the field of data security。

In order to effectively promote the healthy and orderly rapid development of engineering and technical talent echelon in Guangdong Province,Help persons in charge of enterprises and institutions and professional and technical personnel with the intention of declaring titles to interpret the evaluation criteria, declaration process, key details of declaration and risks in the declaration,Jia Haibo, director of Huangpu Teaching Center, College of Education, Jinan University, took the training theme of "Key and difficult points of title evaluation in 2023" as the starting point,The role, importance and detailed process of professional title evaluation for career development are introduced in detail for on-site and online enterprises and institutions,And share the application case to let everyone in-depth understanding of professional title review。

Zeng Peng, senior consultant from Guangzhou Aoke Information Consulting Co., LTD., brought a special topic sharing of "Patent information Push to help Enterprise innovation and development"。In the form of questions and answers, Teacher Zeng Peng explained a number of project cases to let enterprises understand the role of patent information and how to use patent information to help enterprises innovate and develop, and showed a variety of patent information acquisition channels and tools on the spot to help enterprises accurately obtain effective patent information。

The activity site also set up a question-and-answer sharing session, the on-site enterprise representatives for intellectual property big data, professional title evaluation and patent information utilization and other topics actively asked questions, three teachers on the enterprise concerns for detailed answers, the two sides actively interact, the scene atmosphere is warm。

This activity was successfully concluded in everyone's active exchanges. Nearly 30 leaders and guests from industry associations, enterprises, intellectual property institutions and other units participated in the on-site activity, and more than 300 people participated in the online activity。