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       Guangdong Seiko Intelligence was founded in20174Founded in the national intelligent manufacturing industry base-Shunde, through three years of efforts, the performance is about to break 100 million, and the expert team is close300At present, it has been established in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Yuyao, Zhejiang and Hefei, Anhui3Home branch, for the domestic near1000Small and medium-sized enterprises digital intelligent transformation and upgrading to provide landing solutions, determined to be the world's leading and most landing digital intelligent factory solution provider。

       First year5Signed the millet rice cooker level supplier to create the first benchmarking demonstration unit in the home appliance industry。20188Signed Qingdao Haier in October, and the expansion of the brand was kicked off.11He was invited to attend the China Industrial Internet Conference and was kindly received by the vice governor and the chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。20195Yuejing Intelligent and Aliyun, jointly build Guangdong home appliance industry cluster,6Digital factory officially launched in Red Intelligent (SCM+APS+MES+WMS),7Moon Seiko CloudMES荣获19Industrial Internet on the cloud platformAClass supplier: In the same period, signed the first Japanese enterprise (Aixin precision machinery), opening the door for the follow-up of more than a dozen Japanese enterprises。8Moon Seiko CloudMES2.0Officially released online, and Yu9Appeared in Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, Internet+exposition。11Jianjing Group and Jianhua Intelligence were established together with Jianfeng Enterprise Management, the best training group in East China。12Guangdong Industrial Internet subsidies to small and medium-sized enterprises value2000More than ten thousand service vouchers。20201The month with the high-tech enterprise identification;And win2019The most recommended consulting service agency by business managers。


Professional Product 1

      Smart factory planning: mainly for new factories,It is a cross-field, cross-professional systematic project,It not only involves park planning, logistics planning, workshop layout, production line design, automation design, equipment selection, information top-level planning, simulation and so on,Also includes architectural design, project supervision, lean landing counseling and other professional,Through three stages of planning, supervision and landing,Finally achieve the highest capacity last time,The most reasonable layout,Logistics path shortest board,Optimal construction cost,The most comfortable environment。

Professional products II

       Industrial Internet platform (Home appliance industry) : mainly serves the home appliance industry and small and medium-sized enterprises in the home appliance manufacturing industry, and the Internet is a one-stop manufacturing linkSaaS产品-Seiko Cloud effectively reduces the threshold for the use of industrial Internet systems, including cloudAPS(Production process control), cloudMES(Production process control), cloudWMS(Intelligent warehouse management), cloudSCM(Vendor collaboration), cloudPLM(Product Development Management)

Professional product 3

       Digital Factory (Electronics industry) : Mainly for the electronics industry, providing tailor-made one-stop digital solutions。With the purpose of manufacturing and operation, it integrates lean thinking, anti-stupid and anti-error concept, and reduces business waste and management waste with comprehensive value stream means。