Guangzhou Aragonite Information Technology Co., LTD

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I. Basic information

Guangzhou Arashi Information Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as Arashi Technology), is composed of Dan Yuting, Zhu Zeng, Zhai Yongtai, Wang Jingbo and so on4Founded in200812Founded in Guangzhou, is a digital reading equipment manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sales, and is also the world's leading digital reading complete solution provider。Aragonite Technology has a young development team,Good at the development of electronic reading equipment and Internet service technology related to this platform,We are committed to providing products and solutions close to paper reading experience for users around the world who love to read,To provide publishers and service providers with timely, flexible and effective online distribution technical services。

二、 Main product series

Arashi Foundation12Over the years, the development has been recent30Model product。

2009年A60: Part IBOOXProduct birth

2011年M90: Part I9.7BOOX产品

2012年I62: The first one with front lightBOOXElectronic product

2013年C65Series: The first AndroidBOOX产品

2014年E43: The first e-ink screen mobile phone

2015年I86Series: Part One8B00X产品

2016年MaX: World's first13.3Inch screen electronic ink products

2017年Max2: The world's first dual-mode e-ink display terminal

2018年Note: The world's first mass-produced4096Stage pressure loaded e-reader

2020年Pagebox: The first dual-system electronic ink reader in China

Aragonite brandBOOXSeries, is currently on the market the most rich product line, the most functions, the most comprehensive format supportE-inkEbook readers can be directly supported up to26With its strong software development strength and innovative technology application, it has become a high-tech enterprise with leading comprehensive strength in China's digital reading industry。