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Epicor provides a new way to design, build and use enterprise resource planning (ERP systems) and business software solutions。We've redefined our ERP software to maximize productivity in every area of the organization。With ERP, your company can be inspired to innovate and think about your business in a new way, allowing you to ultimately bring that inspiration to your customers。Epicor ERP is a business software that opens the door to previously unimaginable possibilities。Serving 30,000 customers in more than 150 countries around the world, Epicor's ERP software provides a single point of responsibility that improves profitability whether you are a local, regional or global business。

Epicor is in China

Epicor has been focusing on the mid-market in China since 1996, providing industry-focused ERP solutions to Chinese manufacturing users。The main industries are industrial machinery, metal processing, die casting, electronic and electrical, auto parts, medical equipment, furniture, plastics, mold and other manufacturing。

Epicor attaches great importance to the development of ERP localization, and has many functions for localization needs, which can meet the needs of many multinational companies in ERP products。Epicor's regional headquarters in Asia are based in Singapore, with an 80-strong implementation delivery and service team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and in China, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou。

Taking China as a strong foothold, Epicor understands China's corporate culture and business market, especially in the core industry - manufacturing, introducing advanced ERP systems to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises improve business processes and enhance industry competitiveness。

Epicor ERP focuses on the mid-range

Facing today's competitive ERP market,Epicor, though, is gradually expanding its market,But not blindly expanding,Epicor has come a long way from manufacturing,Deep in the management of manufacturing industry,Has a wealth of experience and successful cases,Understand the pain points of business users,It can solve user needs faster and more accurately。

Based on its dominant platform, Epicor is precisely positioned to target the mid-market, focus on manufacturing, and strive to provide customers with better ERP。The domestic mid-market has four characteristics: first, enterprises in the mid-market require a short ERP implementation cycle,It is hoped that it can be successfully implemented within 6-9 months;The second is that mid-market enterprise IT departments are generally small,Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the service ability of manufacturers;Third, the business processes of mid-market enterprises change rapidly,Therefore, software products are required to respond quickly to changes in the enterprise,Continue to support the development of enterprises;Fourth, mid-market companies have limited budgets,Product matching degree, cost-effective to be high。

In order to better meet the high requirements of mid-market enterprises,Epicor proposed the SOA architecture as early as 2003,With Vantage, iScala and other products,Integrate the best of financial management, distribution management and manufacturing management into Epicor ERP,It is relying on this accumulated power,Epicor aims to be number one in the mid-market,Strive to create suitable ERP products for the growth enterprises in the domestic and international markets。

Innovative technology

Epicor has always been a technology innovator when it comes to using and delivering Web services, developing modularity-based products and service-oriented architectures。These technologies serve mid-market independent companies and business units within the Global 1000。Epicor's advanced solutions enable businesses to evolve and grow, and provide the flexibility to meet a rapidly changing business environment。Epicor has a long history of success in adopting innovative and leading-edge technologies, especially as a Microsoft Global Alliance Partner and Gold Certified Partner, Epicor worked closely with Microsoft to become one of the first solutions providers among Microsoft partners with products covering Microsoft® SQL Server®, Office Business Applications Suite, XML and.NET technology。Leading analytics companies have also recognized Epicor's innovative technology applications。In 2012, Epicor was once again ranked in the Visionary Quadrant in the Magic Quadrant of pure ERP vendors for product-centric mid-market enterprises。

By using Microsoft.NET framework and Web services experience, Epicor can provide a complete solution for on-site deployment, hosting or cloud implementation。As reflected in the business environment, solutions will also change - to meet development opportunities, to enter new markets, to intensify competition - to maximize efficiency and profit。

Epicor is one of the few enterprise software providers in the market to have two different application models with the same product (Epicor ERP) : on-site deployment and SaaS。

Mobile commerce

Traditional ERP systems have been unable to adapt to today's powerful mobile devices and flexible, scalable software solutions。Enterprise mobility is about flexibility, providing easy access to information and processes for employees everywhere, from mobile phones to the integration of the group's phone systems, to vertical industry solutions, and improving employee productivity in the field, factory and warehouse。

With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, you should ensure that your ERP solution seamlessly handles deployment information and transactions to these devices through the application of technology that allows the ERP application to run as a smart client or web client, or on mobile devices, using the same source code。Epicor mobile Commerce makes it easy for companies to deploy and manage mobile devices and services across many users and different geographic locations。

Distribution channel

Epicor sells its products through a mix of distribution channels, including more than 300 licensed partners around the world, designed to meet the unique needs of middle market businesses。Epicor的解决方案采用直销代表与增值转销>商相结合的销售方式。