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Electromagnetic technology is widely used in modern science and technology。Modern electronic technology, such as communication, broadcasting, radar, electronic instruments, measurement systems, are inseparable from electromagnetic transmission, control, transmission and reception;From industrial automation to geological survey, from power, transportation and other industries, to agriculture and medical and other national economic fields, almost all involve the application of electromagnetic technology。Not only that, electromagnetic technology will still be the breeding point of new science in the future。

Guangzhou Guoyao Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2013, specializes in basic electromagnetic emission technology research。Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the "science and technology for the benefit of mankind" as its mission, and is committed to changing the way human power is obtained。In 2018, Academician Liu Renhuai personally served as the general technical consultant of the company, and the core team members of the company came from well-known domestic universities and listed companies。At present, the company has 60 related technology patents, including PCT4。The company has established technical cooperation with well-known domestic scientific research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuhan University。

After several years of development, the company officially launched the civilian small electromagnetic throwing equipment in 2020, which is used for Marine rescue and protection, fire emergency rescue, etc., and has achieved good social benefits。

"Do you shun your country for good or for illWith a pure heart, we actively participate in basic technology research and equipment manufacturing, and contribute our own strength to the scientific and technological progress, prosperity and strength of the motherland!