Shenzhen Heying Internet Technology Co., LTD

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Heying Internet is a sports and health high-tech company, committed to using technology to make people live a healthy life。Users through smart wearable devices,Scientific and accurate monitoring of their own exercise, sleep, heart rate, chronic disease and other health data;meanwhile,Users rely on AI-assisted analysis and health guidance provided by the company's iService platform,Form personalized exercise and diet health solutions,Exercise and diet self-management through the iService platform,Finally build a personalized sports and healthy lifestyle for users。

The company's core R & D and operation team are mainly from Hisense, Guangzhu Medical, Baidu, Tsinghua Berkeley, Canada Sevenoaks, and have accumulated core technologies in the in-depth development of sports health smart hardware, watch Android system and motion algorithm, and have accumulated cooperation in operator channels and insurance health channels for many years。The company's future development focus: to provide users with customized, professional real-time health monitoring smart wearable products, and users can carry out healthy life self-management iSERVICE health management platform。

In June 2017, the company successfully launched the world's first 4G full Netcom smart sports watch and iSports 1.0 core motion algorithm solves the problem of users abandoning mobile phones to move, leading smart wear from 1.The age of 0 has entered 2.0时代。In June 2018, the company and Jeep jointly launched the world's thinnest 4G full Netcom smart sports watch and iSports 2.0 core motion algorithm solves the problem of professional movement of users。In July 2018, the company reached a strategic cooperation with Ping An Good Doctor to provide sports health intelligent hardware and hardware access services for Ping An Good Doctor, opening a new model of sports health intelligent hardware + insurance company health insurance business cooperation。In December 2018, the company successfully won the bid for China Mobile's first self-owned brand 4G smart sports watch customization project, opening the deep strategic cooperation with China Mobile。

The company is the United States Qualcomm, Ali Cloud computing, iFlytek, Ping An Good Doctor, Feiyada, Tsinghua Berkeley, Canada Seven Oaks strategic technology partner;It is a strategic brand partner of Jeep, Feiyada, China Telecom, China Mobile, Jingdong and Ping An Good Doctor.It is a strategic channel partner of Jingdong, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, DiXintong, Fiyada, etc.It is a certified supplier of petrochina logistics informatization。

Vision: To become the world's top sports and health high-tech company

Mission: Use technology to make people live a healthy life

Values: Integrity, enterprise, cooperation, and win