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Shenzhen Antuopu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2013,Formerly known as the antenna division of Guangdong Qiaohua Group,More than 30 years in the antenna industry,Is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises,In the antenna industry has a wealth of production and research and development experience,At present, it is an internationally renowned TV antenna manufacturer。Shenzhen Antuopu Technology Co., Ltd. is a "rise in reform.,Forge ahead in the midst of difficulties,Companies that thrive on competition,Through nothing to something,From small to big,From weak to strong years of development,It has become one of the largest antenna manufacturers in China,And has formed a very strong corporate culture and stable characteristics of the business model。Holding the concept of "professional, focused and specialized",Antuopu is committed to the diversified development of indoor and outdoor digital TV antenna, RV digital antenna, yacht antenna, WIFI antenna, satellite switch, amplifier and other antenna related products;The company passed the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2015,The company's products are in the leading position in the domestic industry and the leading position in the international peers,It has good brand awareness and reputation,The sales market covers the global antenna channel,It is now one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of indoor and outdoor digital TV antennas in China,It is also the only domestic manufacturer that can enter the European and American yacht TV antenna market。The company strictly controls the production process and product quality,With a perfect production system,Have their own production base,The standard plant reaches 60,000 square meters,The number of employees exceeds 395,With hardware processing, plastic production, high-configuration production equipment SMT automatic placement machine, antenna assembly and other highly automated production lines。The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, intellectual property management system certification, products in line with CE certification, GS certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, British CAI test and other nearly 100 international professional product safety certification and testing。The company always adhere to the "quality of survival.,Innovation and development "is the enterprise tenet,Follow the concept of "excellence, pursuit of excellence",Rely on scientific and technological innovation to develop enterprises,Attach importance to the development and application of new products, new technologies, new materials and new processes,It is committed to combining high technology with traditional antenna manufacturing,It has formed an industrial chain with core technologies and independent intellectual property rights,With strong technical force and R & D system。Antopu invests more than $1 million a year in research and development expenses,With strong design and research and development capabilities,Launch new products regularly;To improve the progress of research and development,We've brought in a lot of advanced antenna equipment,Including antenna test system, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (RoHS tester),Network analyzer,Spectrum analyzer and noise measuring instrument, etc,Enables us to meet customer needs in the shortest possible time。Antopu Company in the stable ODM market position at the same time,Develop marketing channels,Take the global market as the strategic goal,Set up an international marketing branch in Guangzhou,To provide quality business services to customers around the world;Antop Antenna Inc was founded in California, USA,Take advantage of existing industry advantages,Open local sales channels,Strive for market share in the Internet e-commerce sector,Fully promote its own brand "ANTOP",Have a superior marketing service system,Realize the docking mode of online and offline sales channels;With the efforts of all my colleagues at ANTOP,The company developed steadily and vigorously,Business volume has been growing year after year since the outbreak of the global financial crisis。Our basic business purpose is to better meet the interests of our employees through serious, honest and effective production management operations, and is committed to making the world's best digital TV antennas for customers。With the development of market and technology trends,The company is realizing the miniaturization, integration and functional diversification of antenna products,And has successfully developed the domestic TV antenna industry's first small integrated antenna base station - "Yuntian line", the first combined with WiFi technology "ANFI" antenna,Be recognized and welcomed by customers。In the past three years, the company's antenna product sales of nearly 8 million sets, sales revenue of more than 500 million yuan, in the domestic TV antenna industry market share of more than 30%, the global antenna industry market share of more than 10%。 公司荣誉:2015年  获“国家高新技术企业”认证;2016年  获“优秀品牌示范企业”、“2016年广东省制造业优秀企业”称号;2017年  获“广东省名牌产品”认证2018年  平板电视天线产品获美国IMPACT奖         通过国家高新技术企业复审         获 “2018年度广东省出口名牌企业”认定         获广东省2018年高新技术产品认定         获2018年度广东省工程技术研究中心认定