Wuzhou Technology co-elected as the vice president unit of the association

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On the afternoon of October 9, 2018, the third Member Congress of the fourth session of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association was successfully held in Guangdong Welcome Hotel。Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission related leaders, Guangdong Electronic information Industry Association professional advisers and representatives of all members, as well as important media units a total of more than 300 people participated in the congress。At the meeting, Wuzhou Technology was co-elected as the vice president of the unit, and won the honorary title of "innovative enterprise", President Mr. Xie Gaohui attended and delivered a speech of "Taking the road of hardware and software integration of domestic independent development"。

The meeting reviewed the various work reports of the Council of the Association and reviewed and voted on the amendment of the association's constitution, the adjustment of the association's president, the addition of vice president, director, the establishment of blockchain professional committee and other proposals, as well as the award of the association's benchmark enterprise, innovative enterprise and excellent group member awards。

Take the domestic independent hardware and software integration development road

↑ President Xie Gaohui of Wuzhou Technology delivered a speech at the meeting

At the meeting, President Xie Gaohui reported to the leaders and peers present about Wuzhou Technology around the localization of servers, and the independent research and development of cloud computing software, adhere to the development of domestic independent hardware and software integration。

In this year's central government procurement shortlist,Wuzhou Technology based on domestic chip server and storage products,As well as the national production of big data all-in-one machine have been successfully shortlisted,This is a great encouragement for domestic manufacturers,In the future, the localization market will become a new round of development opportunities for the information industry,In particular, important secret areas related to national security。

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President Xie Gaohui said,Wuzhou Technology's strategic positioning is to focus on domestic independent server and cloud computing software customization services,To provide industry customers with differentiated product solutions and service support,It is the first information enterprise in the industry to put forward the product concept of "non-standard equipment server" and the business concept of "customization as a service"。Since the second half of last year, Wuzhou Technology has actively responded to the military-civilian integration strategy proposed by the State, actively applied for military confidentiality qualifications, national military standard system certification and weapons and equipment contractor license, and is making comprehensive preparations for the shortlisting of domestic independent products next year。

Wuzhou Technology won the title of "Innovative Enterprise"

At the meeting, in order to commend advanced enterprises and encourage excellent enterprises as industry leaders to continue to make new and greater contributions to the development of electronic information industry in Guangdong Province, the meeting decided to award a number of outstanding enterprises and groups "benchmarking enterprises", "innovative enterprises" and "excellent groups" honorary titles。As an independent scientific and technological innovation enterprise, Wuzhou Technology has won the honorary title of "innovative enterprise". While winning the honor, Wuzhou Technology will also focus on its advantages and continue to contribute its strength to increase the influence of the industry。

↑ Vice President Shen Miaohui of Wuzhou Technology (second from left) took the stage to accept the honorary award

↑ Wuzhou Technology won the honorary title of "Innovative Enterprise"

Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association is a Guangdong Province engaged in the field of electronic enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutions,A non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by testing institutions and social organizations,Member units include most of the enterprise groups in the electronic information industry in the province, industry leading enterprises, representative small and medium-sized enterprises,It is the most influential provincial industry association in the field of electronic information in our province。

↑ Yu Qingsong, President of the new Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, delivered a speech

At the meeting, after the vote of all the members of the association, the new president of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association was Mr. Yu Qingsong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, director and general manager of Hager Communications of Guangzhou Radio Group Co., LTD。