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Guangzhou Xianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales of gold tin, gold germanium and other precious metal alloy pre-formed solder and a variety of electronic brazing materials comprehensive technology company。The company has a professional R & D team, set up R & D center, physical and chemical test center, precision mold engineering center and preformed weld engineering center, adhere to independent research and development, and long-term cooperation with professional institutions, research institutes, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong University of Technology and other universities to establish cooperative relations。It is committed to providing high-quality preformed solder and related technical consulting services for power electronics applications, IGBT packaging, optoelectronics packaging, MEMS packaging, microelectronics, high-power LED packaging and other fields, and providing customers with process solutions。

First, forge ahead, take the lead in entering the preformed solder market

With the rapid development of the information industry, the photoelectric and electronic manufacturing industry has risen rapidly, and is in a very important position in the national economy。With the development of optoelectronics and electronic products in the direction of portable miniaturization, environmental protection, networking and multimedia, the brazing welding materials used in the electronics manufacturing industry have been put forward very demanding requirements。There are many forms of solder, common wire, solder paste and preformed solder and so on。

Compared with wire and solder paste, the use of preformed solder can precisely control the amount of solder used, with the least amount of solder, meet the best welding requirements and reliability, and greatly reduce the welding cost while ensuring the quality of welding。因此,There is an increasing demand for preformed inserts in the industry,Preformed solder in hybrid integrated circuits, semiconductor integrated circuits, filter parts, microwave devices, IGBT high-power devices, connectors, sensors, optoelectronic devices and other special electronic components, reliable packaging and connection, metal shell or ceramic shell airtight packaging and other fields have a good performance。

At the end of 2008, Guangzhou Xianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adapted to the needs of the development of electronic manufacturing industry, independent research and development of preformed welding pieces, committed to aviation, military, optical communications, precision medical electronics, power electronics, new energy vehicles, driverless, Internet of Things and other industries to provide high-quality preformed welding pieces。In 2010, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and joined ITRI China Solder Technical Council in 2015。After years of exploration and development,Sun Yi Electronics has been recognized as "National high-tech Enterprise" and "Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institution",A total of 19 invention patents and utility model patents were authorized,A number of projects have been awarded municipal, provincial and national science and technology projects,The title of "Guangzhou Scientific and Technological Achievements" and "High-tech Products of Guangdong Province"。


Second, precision processing, with core technology to build brand image

After years of innovative development, the company has a strong team strength and core technology, can provide customers with different types of different shapes of brazing products。With the development of the optoelectronics and electronics industry towards miniaturization and portability, the requirements for size refinement of preformed welding pieces are becoming higher and higher, which requires enterprises to have the ability to precision machining。Sun Yi Electronics has a strong processing team, can provide the highest quality stamping parts for customers' applications, but also according to the special needs of customers, design to meet their application requirements of high precision molds。


Over the years, Sun Art Electronics has cooperated closely with many enterprises。In recent years, Sun Art Electronics has participated in a key national defense project, and participated in the manufacture of semiconductor discrete devices to perform xx missile control tasks。As we all know, military products need to be extremely reliable, and there can be no mistakes。The company attaches great importance to it, has developed a thorough implementation plan, formulated strict inspection standards, repeatedly verified the performance of the required preformed welding pieces, and carefully inspected each work。In November, the missile completed the whole process from ignition to fixed-point landing, and its core components were accurate and friendly, and its performance was good, ensuring the successful completion of the launch mission。The successful launch of the missile proved that the company's products have a high degree of reliability and stability。To this end, Sun Art Electronics received a special thank you letter from the state-owned enterprise responsible for the manufacturing of the device, the letter expressed the high recognition of the quality of Sun Art Electronics products and the strong willingness of the two sides to strengthen cooperation。


Third, the courage to innovate and strive to improve the reliability of brazing

In the context of the increasing demand for advanced electronic packaging materials in the industry, preformed welding pieces have gradually become a topic of concern in the brazing industry。However, the domestic high-end electronic packaging materials are basically dependent on imports, and the core technology is still subject to people。At the end of 2008, Sun Art Electronics successfully developed Au80Sn20 and other welding pieces,Increase product research and development efforts,Gradually improve the welding sheet material system,Provide a series of professional ratio of gold, silver, copper, tin, indium and other different melting point solder alloys,Machined into preformed pads,After years of unremitting efforts,At present, there are more than one hundred kinds of alloy welding products from low temperature to high temperature。 


While continuing to improve the solder sheet system, Sun Art Electronics is also constantly exploring how to enhance the reliability of electronic package brazing。Copper-aluminum transition sheet is a copper-aluminum composite material, which not only has the advantages of copper's high electrical and thermal conductivity, low contact resistance and beautiful appearance, but also has the advantages of aluminum's light weight, corrosion resistance and economy。Domestic development of copper and aluminum composite materials are mainly concentrated in the electrical field, suitable for lead bonding copper and aluminum transition sheet has not been generally paid attention to, with the micro-assembly, new energy, automotive electronics booming development, as one of the important parts, copper and aluminum transition sheet increasing demand and domestic supply of insufficient contradiction is becoming more obvious。With the rich experience accumulated in metal forming processing, Sun Yi Electronics successfully launched copper and aluminum transition sheets suitable for mass production in 2018, which will fill the gap in China and meet the needs of the rapidly developing industry in China。


In the past ten years, Sun Yi Electronics has been committed to the research and development and production of optoelectronic packaging, high-power LED packaging, microelectronics, IGBT packaging and power electronics applications,At present, it has obtained a number of patents and scientific and technological achievements,Break foreign monopoly,To provide customers in various fields with high quality preformed solder series products and professional technical consulting services。As a responsible enterprise, Shinee Electronics will adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, constantly beyond" spirit of enterprise, continuous development, to provide customers with quality products and services。


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