Guangdong South Coast Technology Service Co., LTD

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Guangdong South Coast Technology Service Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "South Coast") was established in 2001,It is a key software enterprise in the national planning layout, a key high-tech enterprise in the national Torch Plan, and one of the largest complete machine equipment suppliers in the construction of national defense communication information technology, a state-owned listed enterprise Guangzhou Haige Communication Group Co., LTD. (Stock code: 002465),It is the governing unit of Guangdong Electronics Industry Association and the governing unit of Guangdong Satellite Application Association。

Guangdong South Coast Technology Service Co., Ltd. was incorporated on July 9, 2001, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a professional technology service enterprise integrating R&D and operation, and is committed to becoming "the leading high-tech innovative service enterprise in the field of electronic customs clearance in China".。

South Coast is currently the only enterprise in China that provides ship declaration, supervision and rapid customs clearance services for inbound and outbound vessels from Hong Kong and Macao,Is the General Administration of Customs National Customs data center, national Customs Information Center, China electronic port data center development test service provider,It has been recognized by Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, and Guangdong Public (technology) Service demonstration Platform for small and medium-sized enterprises。In 2017, it was identified as the first batch of Guangdong big data backbone enterprises。And has passed the CMMI3 certification,And has obtained ISO 9000 quality management system, ISO 20000 IT service management system, ISO27000 information security management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system and other international certifications,It has been recognized by high-tech enterprises and software enterprises in Guangdong Province,It has a value-added telecommunications business license, computer information system integration enterprise (Level 3), Guangdong Province security technology protection system design, construction, maintenance (Level 3) and other professional qualifications。

The South Coast has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with industry authorities, upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, and scientific research institutions,Has undertaken a number of major science and technology projects in the national provinces and cities,Around the core technology has accumulated a wealth of technical achievements,It has won one second prize of Science and Technology Award of Guangdong Province, one third prize of Science and technology Progress award of Ministry of Public Security, and one port science and technology Information application award granted by Guangdong Port Office。It has accepted 7 invention patents, 2 authorized utility model patents, 1 authorized appearance patent, 54 software Copyrights, 4 software product registration, and 1 local standard formulation and publication。

After more than ten years of development,The company has successfully developed new technologies, new products and new services such as ship rapid customs clearance system, quarantine supervision system, online inspection system, anti-piracy ship command and dispatch system, general declaration system, radar integrated monitoring system based on the Internet of Things, and special supervision area integrated management system,The business systems of customs, border inspection, inspection and quarantine, maritime, port and other regulatory departments are interconnected and information coordinated,Facilitate information sharing among relevant departments。目前,The company's business has covered Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin and other eight provinces and cities,It involves 13 customs directly under the state,As well as Guangdong provincial inspection and quarantine, Guangdong provincial border inspection and other port supervision departments,Serving more than 1,400 upstream and downstream enterprises in the shipping logistics supply chain,It has been fully affirmed and widely praised by customers and competent authorities。