Guangdong national regulation testing Center Co., LTD

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National Regulatory inspection Center mainly engaged in anti-static, electromagnetic protection materials and products and engineering testing and technical services。Can undertake the commissioning of new products commissioned by the relevant departments and units, acceptance, acceptance and other commissioned inspection;Participate in the formulation and revision of product quality standards, the testing and verification of standards, and the promotion and implementation of standards。At the same time to provide the community with product quality arbitration testing and related consulting and training services

The National regulatory inspection center is located in Science City of Luogang District, where high-tech enterprises gather in Guangzhou。With first-class environment, convenient transportation;The testing site is divided into reception room, office, testing hall, sample preparation area, combustion performance testing room, etc。

All the technical operators of the national regulatory inspection center have been trained by the State and hold a job certificate。Testing equipment selected foreign advanced equipment and the latest domestic equipment。

The institution follows the quality policy of "science, justice, integrity and efficiency", has a perfect quality assurance system, and has passed the metrological certification and laboratory accreditation。With strong technical force and advanced testing equipment, it is a testing institution with third-party impartiality。It is the only anti-static product quality testing institution recognized by the electronic industry quality Supervision Bureau in South China。

The center also undertakes the training of technical personnel of anti-static products manufacturing enterprises in South China, and the main object of testing and training is the technical personnel of enterprises related to electrostatic products in South China, especially in Guangdong。The training is divided into academic lecture training and job assessment training。