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Kuangchi is a global innovation group founded in 2010 by 5 PhD graduates from Duke University and Oxford University, headquartered in Shenzhen, China。With core independent intellectual property rights and a world-class innovative research and development team, Kuang-Chi has mastered new stealth material technology, new space technology and wireless interconnection technology。

Guangqi has built a series of source innovation and industrialization platforms,Including Shenzhen Kuangchi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Metamaterial Electromagnetic Modulation Technology, Kuangchi Science Co., LTD., Shenzhen Kuangchi Intelligent Energy Photon Technology Co., LTD,It involves the aerospace industry, new space services, intelligent equipment, smart city, new wireless communication and other industries。Take the lead in developing and promoting metamaterial aviation structural parts, Kuangkai Martin flight bag, smart city "Cloud" space big data platform, near space "Traveler", super WiFi and other products, leading the development of The Times。More than 4,200 patents have been applied for, and more than 2,400 patents have been authorized。Innovation institutions are located in 18 countries and regions on 5 continents, with a total of more than 2,600 people。2012年12月,习近平任中共中央总书记后视察的第一家企业就是光启。

Kuonchi gathers the world's innovators to form the Global Community of Innovation (GCI), constantly turning science fiction scenarios and human dreams into reality, and delivering applications。Kuangchi's innovation runs through three complete steps: designing the future, creating the future and sharing the future。Kuang-chi's design for the future includes three major features: deep space, machine consciousness and ultimate interconnection。Through the integration of global innovation resources, design the future, realize the future, share the future to carry out cross-generation innovation, and promote the change of The Times。