Guoguang Electric Company Limited

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Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Guangzhou Guoguang Electroacoustic General Factory,It dates back to 1951,It is a world-renowned electroacoustic manufacturer,Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the design, production and sales of electroacoustic and electronic products,At present, the products cover electro-acoustic accessories, speaker units, sound systems, digital power amplifier, polymer lithium batteries and so on。Guoguang Electric was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 23, 2005 (Stock code: 002045).,By the end of 2014,The total capital of the company is 416,904,000元,Total assets exceed 2.6 billion yuan,In 2014, the sales revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan,Has registered employees and workers nearly 6,000人。

The company has key components from loudspeakers,To the speaker unit, speaker system and electronic amplifier integration of comprehensive supporting capabilities,More than 60 years of history, more than 60 years of focus, more than 60 years of accumulation has gathered a group of excellent electroacoustic industry management and research and development talents,It has formed its own unique and effective scientific research system,Established a complete technical professional, comprehensive strength of the R & D team。More than 260 R&D personnel,317 patent designs,More than 200 new products are developed every year,Asia's first-class anechoic room, acoustic testing center,125 production lines of various audio products,The daily production capacity of loudspeakers is 350,000,The daily production capacity of electronic power amplifier is 30,000 sets,The daily production capacity of speakers is 120,000 sets,The daily production capacity of 120,000 lithium-ion batteries allows Guoguang to meet the research and development and production needs of different areas of the market and different customers。

The company adopts international standards for quality management systems,Since 1994, the ISO9001 quality management system has been implemented,After that, it passed the ISO/TS16949 quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification,The company's testing center has also passed the ISO/IEC17025 accreditation of CNAS,In the production with the international synchronization of the process, equipment and control flow,The quality indicators of the products are reliably guaranteed,The company has formed a whole process quality control system from design to procurement, incoming inspection, warehousing and logistics, production, finished product inspection, sales and after-sales service。

Unique R & D design and production control team,Increasingly perfect quality management system,Sustainable and sound business strategy,For the company won from all aspects of honor,Including "credit enterprise", "key enterprise", "innovative enterprise", "integrity enterprise" and so on,With the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive strength and the company's multiple types of product lines,Including multimedia audio, professional audio, consumer audio, communication audio, etc., also makes the company have a long-term stable high-quality customer base,And continue to bring the company new market opportunities and development space。

Look to the future,The company will take full advantage of the traditional advantages of professional design and production of loudspeakers,Gradually increase the research and development of independent intellectual property technology,Closely around the "better life" corporate vision,To produce good social and economic benefits as the goal,Guoguang people have always been adhering to the "people-oriented,Create opportunities for employees,Create benefits for shareholders,Take responsibility for the society "business purpose,Remember "precision and efficiency,Integrity and responsibility,Innovation and friendship "values,And the essence of values and "practical, diligent, fine, decisive, innovation, fast, responsible, fair, self-improvement, friendship" Guoguang style throughout the work,Make the electroacoustic industry bigger and stronger step by step,Strive to become a world-class electroacoustic professional manufacturer!